Senior System Engineer


Capital Fund Management (CFM) est une société de gestion alternative, leader européen du trading quantitatif sur les marchés de capitaux internationaux.

Notre méthodologie repose sur l'analyse statistique de téraoctets de données financières pour l'allocation d'actifs, les décisions de trading et l'exécution automatisée d'ordres de bourse.

CFM offre un projet de carrière ambitieux et motivant à des Docteurs, Ingénieurs en informatique et experts internationaux, talentueux et passionnés. Notre démarche s'appuie sur des théories scientifiques originales de très haut niveau validées par 25 ans d'expérience des marchés, ainsi que sur une architecture technologique de pointe hautement structurée.

Ces fondamentaux favorisent la création d'opportunités passionnantes et le développement de stratégies de trading novatrices.

La diversité et l'implication de nos équipes contribuent à la culture unique de recherche, d'innovation et d’excellence de CFM.

Le poste :

Do your curiosity and desire to learn drive you?
Do you enjoy a process where you recognize areas of improvement and you are ready for iteration and innovation to
We do have some nice challenges for you!

- A deep passion for technology and software development
- A strong knowledge of Linux system/processor performance, and network communication
- An understanding of hardware and its influence on latency
- An ability to look at code, figure out how it works, and how to make it better
- A self-motivation and proactivity, a strong organization and a willingness to admit mistakes
- A capacity to manage multiple projects and coordinate work with various teams and vendors in addition to
daily production support activities
And enjoy tinkering with technology in your spare time.

- Designing, evaluating and building new hardware and software technologies or solutions (server & storage)
- Being a major player in developing long-term infrastructure strategies.
- Actively monitoring the health of our entire infrastructure
- We focus on automation, Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery so we can deploy everything –
hardware, software – rapidly and repeatedly.
- As Systems Engineers we work with development, trading, and other technology teams to implement
solutions to a huge variety of technical problems.
- We operate at the bleeding edge of technology. If something new can potentially bring an advantage we will
actively invest in developing and utilizing the solution.
- The right balance of speed and quality is crucial. We value good engineering practices and scalable
- We encourage everybody to gain understanding of both trading strategy and how exchanges work from a
technological point of view.

Votre profil :

- Proficiency within one or more of the following:
o Strong skills in Linux administration (CentOS) and Virtualization (Vmware)
o Familiar with large-scale storage architecture (EMC VMAX / HP 3PAR / …)
o Experience with kernel tuning and performance troubleshooting
o Having practiced HPC architecture design and administration (Slurm, Lustre) before
- Strong understanding of various protocols and Linux standard services
- Experience with BIOS configurations and Kickstart + Yum
- Packaging application in RPM (create and maintain)
- Familiar with configuration management tools like Puppet or Ansible
- Capacity to write complex scripts and Python enthusiast
- Ability to multitask and pay a high attention to details and priorities
- Eager to learn and apply new skills quickly



Poste référence :  16-P27-INF04

Date de publication : 21/08/2017